Posted July 10th, 2011 by oitravel
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If you’re an avid traveler, but you’re looking for a travel experience that gives your life greater purpose and meaning, you’ll want to consider our Voluntourism Excursions. By blending travel and altruism, we help you give back to the greater global community.

Voluntourism Excursions are called many things: ethical holidays, travel philanthropy and socially responsible expeditions. OI Travel Collection Voluntourism Excursions allows you to touch the lives of others while you expand your own horizons. Our Voluntourism Excursions focus on everything from preserving cultures to protecting the environment—all allowing you to connect with distant peoples and cultures.

OI Travel Collection’s tour professionals understand your interest in philanthropy and humanitarian travel because they share it. We know that a visit to a tribal community in Africa or a wildlife refuge in Thailand inspires awe and a determination to do more.

You want to see the world. Why not lend a hand while you’re doing it?

Our next Voluntourism Excursion will be the Tanzania Wildlife Safari and Voluntourism Excursion. Journey details will be released in December 2011.