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Travel With Purpose

At Occasions, Inc., Humanitarian Travel is an innovative approach to luxury travel, where we help individuals and small groups learn more about the important work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in troubled regions throughout the world.

See for yourself the inspiring work being done in communities we visit, knowing that a portion of your journey fee is earmarked to assist these local organizations in their efforts to clean up pollution, provide clean water for villagers and feed the hungry.

These grassroots projects are remaking local communities, ensuring a better life for the families and individuals who live there. We hope that your tour will inspire you to do more—donate to these deserving groups on your own or come back to volunteer your time for these worthy projects.

Our latest Humanitarian Travel activity is Operation Hunger which is included in our A JOURNEY THROUGH SOUTHERN AFRICA travel package.

As we tour South Africa, we’ll visit the squatter camps on the outskirts of Cape Town filled with people mainly from the Transkei and Ciskei region, who come to the big city at a rate of 10,000 per month in search of work through Operation Hunger. Women in the community have established feeding programs, setting up their pots of soup in the dusty little lanes and in all the creches.

We will also visit Spandau, Green Park and Chris Hani where the malnourished children of farm workers are part of Operation Hunger’s feeding program. Most farmers in the wealthy winelands area are paid little in exchange for labor. While the parents are out picking, child minding and feeding are non-existent. Women in the community have set up street kitchens to feed the children.