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Discover Mongolia!
Central, The Gobi, & Lake Khuvsgul

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Day 1: Arrive Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Arrive Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, and explore the city at your leisure.

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar (B, L, D)
Tour Ulaanbaatar, visiting the Gandan Khiid (monastery), the Museum of Natural History and the Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum.

Day 3: Ulaanbaatar – Khustai National Park (B, L, D)
Head west from Ulaanbaatar to the Khustai National Park where you’ll roam the park, enjoy a feast on the banks of the Tuul River and share an evening game drive to see the Przewalskii horses.

Day 4: Khustai National Park – Karakorum (B, L, D)
Drive to Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia under Genghis Khan and a World Heritage site, and enjoy this historic city.

Day 5: Karakorum – Ongi (B, L, D)
Leave for the Gobi Desert, driving through the vast open steppe, and visit a ger camp by the Ongiin River.

Day 6: Ongi – Bayanzag, Red Flaming Cliffs (B, L, D)
Continue to Bayanzag, the “Flaming Cliffs,” an area of red cliffs formed by the erosion of sand and rock, and the home to several significant dinosaur excavations.

Day 7: Bayanzag – Khongor Sand Dunes (B, L, D)
Head west along the Altai Mountain Range until reaching Khongoriin Els. Later ride a camel to explore the massive dunes.

Day 8: Sand Dunes (B, L, D)
Another day in the dunes means more exciting rides on the back of the two-humped camel.

Day 9: Sand Dunes – Eagle Valley (B, L, D)
Drive to Yoliin Am (Eagle Valley), where you’ll hike the valley, see the wildlife of the desert plains and revel in the beauty of the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park.

Day 10: Gobi – Ulaanbaatar (B, L, D)
Leave the Gobi for a return flight to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 11: Ulaanbaatar – Amarbayasgalant (B, L, D)
Depart for Amarbayasgalant and a late-day tour of local monasteries.

Day 12: Amarbayasgalant – Uran Togoo Mt. (B, L, D)
Attend a Buddhist chanting ceremony and continue your journey to Eerdenet city and Mt. Uran Togoo.

Day 13: Amarbayasgalant – Goyul (B, L, D)
Drive to Lake Khuvsgul, spending the night in the Ikh Uul village near Goyo Uul (Beautiful Mountain).

Day 14: Goyul – Lake Khuvsgul (B, L, D)
Explore the area around Lake Khuvsgul, which is linked the Baikal Lake in Siberia. Spend the night in a ger camp beside the lake.

Day 15: Lake Khuvsgul (B, L, D)
Enjoy an idyllic day by Lake Khuvsgul, with plenty of time for hiking, swimming, kayaking and fishing, and visit local families who herd the legendary reindeer.

Day 16: Lake Khuvsgul – Ulaanbaatar – Tuul Riverside (B, L, D)
Leave for Murun for a flight to Ulaanbaatar. After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, head east to Tuul Riverside Lodge at Maikhan Tolgoe Mount.

Day 17: Tuul Riverside Lodge (B, L, D)
Join the exuberant Naadam Festival, one of the Mongolia’s traditional folklife festivals. This night, you’ll enjoy an authentic Mongolian barbecue dinner, a bonfire and a Shaman Dance performance.

Day 18: Tuul Riverside Lodge – Ulaanbaatar (B, L, D)
Return to Ulaanbaatar where you’ll visit the Fine Arts Museum, and later you’ll celebrate with a farewell dinner and a folklore show.

Day 19: Departure (B)
Depart for home. Bon Voyage!