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Concierge Services

Start your journey off with style and ease! With Occasions, Inc, your travel experience can begin the moment you leave your home. Forget about the hassle of hailing cabs, fighting through traffic or trying to find a parking space at the airport. We can arrange safe, timely and hassle-free round-trip ground transportation to and from your home airport. For more information about our Ground Transportation services, contact one of our travel consultants.

Occasions, Inc. knows that worrying about international travel arrangements can make it difficult to enjoy your much-deserved vacation. Once you are sure of your dates and arrival times, let us help you with the critical details of your international travel, easing your stress and ensuring you have an enjoyable trip. For more information about our International Air Arrangements, contact one of our travel consultants.

Travelers are responsible for all passports, visas and entry and other documents, but Occasions, Inc. can ease preparations for your journey by assisting you in securing all the vital travel documents needed for your trip. We know that you’re busy, and our services eliminate the paperwork for you, ensuring an incident-free journey. For more information about our Passport & Visa services, contact one of our travel consultants.

You’ve planned your trip down to the last detail. Don’t let unforeseen circumstance disrupt your dream vacation! Occasions, Inc. offers travel protection plans to safeguard you and your piece of mind!

Why Travel Insurance?
You may wonder why you should buy special travel insurance for your vacation. It’s not just your investment you’ll be protecting; you’re also protecting yourself and your family. What if:

  • you are involved in an auto accident
  • you injure yourself before or during your trip
  • a non-traveling, covered, family member becomes sick, injured or dies
  • you lose your luggage during your trip
  • you have to cancel your vacation, or are delayed en route and miss your connection

What Travel Insurance Coverage Do You Need and Why?
Most experienced travelers have three travel insurance concerns:

  • Travel Protection for covering a loss of Prepaid Trip Costs.
  • Travel Health Insurance, including Medevac Insurance, for Medical Emergencies.
  • Baggage Protection for Protecting their Baggage from loss.

Travel Protection guards against disruptive events that could force you to cancel or interrupt a trip. Travel Health Insurance, including Medevac Insurance, is vital when your U.S. health plan may not cover you, such as in some overseas hospitals. Baggage Protection includes coverage for loss or delay of bags or personal effects.

Is Travel Insurance Always Necessary?
The following is quoted from the U.S. Department of State website ( under “Health Issues.”

“Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care abroad can be expensive, and medical evacuation to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000. Note that U.S. medical insurance is generally not accepted outside the United States, nor do the Social Security Medicare and Medicaid programs provide coverage for hospital or medical costs outside the United States.”

Not Just Medical Protection
Travel Insurance offers more then just medical protection. Sometimes there are unexpected situations that come up during your trip that are not health-related:

  • Would you want to pay $150 for an airport hotel because your flight got cancelled due to weather?
  • What happens if you miss a cruise due to a delayed flight and have to pay extra fees to fly to the next port of call to catch up to the cruise?
  • Do you know where the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate is if your passport gets stolen?
  • What happens if your bags do not make your connection and you have nothing to wear for 24 hours and no toothbrush?

These are only a couple of examples of common occurrences that can impact your trip. You are investing thousands of dollars in your vacation, why risk any more unnecessary expenses! For more information about our Travel Insurance services, contact one of our travel consultants.

You will be provided with a full description of coverage, conditions and exclusions when you purchase your plan. Coverage is underwritten by Arch Insurance Company (a Missouri corporation, NAIC # 11150) with executive offices located in New York, NY. Not all insurance products or coverage are available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is subject to actual policy language.