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Occasions, Inc. encourages certifications for travelers and others seeking to study travel-related disciplines. Acquire new skills, earn CEUs or CMEs, or expand your current level of knowledge through vetted training programs taught by respected experts.

Wilderness Medicine Field Course

What would you do if a fellow traveler breaks a leg on a hiking or trekking expedition? Or if someone needs rescuing while rock climbing? Or if you’re traveling in an under developed country and need medical attention? Wilderness survival depends on quick thinking and a deep understanding of what to do in crisis situations.

Join leading expert Dr. Ellen Smith in her elite Wilderness Medicine Field Course to learn survival strategies, rescue techniques, wilderness medicine, and all the tools necessary to survive in any type of environment.

Whether you desire to become an expedition doctor, acquire CME credit, become certified as an expedition guide or are looking to ensure your safety in the wild, this course will provide you with critical outdoor survival and medical education.

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