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About Us

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights;
it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent,
in the ideas of living”
  ~ Miriam Beard

At Occasions, Inc., we believe the magic of travel begins the moment you commit to a journey, with a quickening of your pulse, daydreams of distant shores and the excitement of teasing out of the most intimate details of your itinerary.

Enthusiastic travelers ourselves, we, like you, long to immerse ourselves in exotic lands and meet the people who call our destinations home, whether we’re exploring souks and medinas in Morocco or making camp at the base of Mt. Everest. From remote adventures to utter indulgence, the possibilities are endless.

By aligning yourself with Occasions, Inc., we take the work out of travel preparations. We provide our guests with a full range of luxury services, all exclusively designed to fit your personal tastes, desires and preferences. More importantly, our tour managers are knowledgeable about overseas travel, and their experiences inform the many decisions encountered when planning and executing a memorable trip.

Our journeys are expertly crafted for people who like to travel on their own, but who still seek expert itinerary design, attention to detail and knowledgeable local guidance. Your leisure time is precious, so spend it in luxury with us.


Beverly Bogerty, CMP, MTA

Beverly’s passion for travel stems from her love and deep interest in learning about other cultures. A self-described “travel bug,” Beverly’s philosophy is “there truly is no better method of self-discovery and learning to appreciate others than through traveling and exploring other cultures. The world is a big place . . . and I want to see it ALL!!!”

For Beverly, her introduction to travel and cultural explorations began with her interest in and introduction to other languages. In addition to English, she currently speaks Spanish, French and Italian.

Beverly couples her enthusiasm for travel with her love for planning events. She is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) with more than 12 years in the meetings and events industry. She holds a master’s degree in Tourism Administration with a concentration in Event Management from The George Washington University.

Throughout her career, she has planned and executed a variety of events and meetings, both domestically and internationally, which has afforded her the opportunity to travel to many destinations. Her travel has taken her to such exotic lands to include Thailand, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, Greece, the Netherlands, several Caribbean islands, Mexico and many American cities.

Beverly is the co-founder and president of Occasions, Inc., a full-service event and meeting management company and operator of the Occasions, Inc. Travel Collection. Along with her business partner and fellow travel enthusiast, Mary L. Windham, the two have explored many parts of the world and have a passion for sharing their love for travel and culture with others.

Mary L. Windham, CMP, MTA

Mary’s travel bug began at an early age when she would travel up and down the East Coast with her family. As a gymnast, her passion for travel grew as she trekked from one training camp to another across the United States. She became totally hooked in high school with her first international trip to Italy.

Through her travels, Mary became infatuated with exploring the different cultures, traditions, history and people she would meet along the journey. This passion eventually led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. She continued her studies at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where she earned her master’s of Tourism Administration with a concentration in Event Management.

Mary, who is also a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), decided to combine her love for travel with her skills for meeting and event planning. She has worked in the industry for more than 12 years planning meeting and tour programs, both internationally and domestically. She has planned meetings and events for numerous clients, including Toyota Motor Sales, Lexus, SCION, Cisco Systems, Siebel Systems, Borland Software, the government of Southern Sudan and the Embassy of Iraq. She has also managed high-level events with the president of the United States, high-level dignitaries and celebrities in attendance.

In addition to planning meetings, events and tour programs, Mary is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys mountain trekking, backpacking, road and mountain biking, and rock climbing and bouldering.

Mary is the co-founder and vice president of Occasions, Inc., a full-service event and meeting management company and operator of the Occasions, Inc. Travel Collection. Along with her business partner, Beverly Bogerty, they continue to follow their passion for exploring the globe while sharing exotic locations and wonders with others.